What Is The Warrant Round Up?

Some 300 local law enforcement agencies statewide are joining forces between February 12 and March 9 for 2018’s Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

If you have active arrest warrants on old, unpaid citations, you’ve likely been notified, via mail or telephone.

You’ve been advised to contact a municipal, JP, or county court and encouraged to pay off outstanding fines, during a deceptively titled “grace period.”

Don’t be fooled.

Simply paying a fine (even if it is reduced or court costs are waived) to resolve a citation means it WILL go to your driving record.

That means higher insurance premiums, points on your driver’s license, even surcharges.

If you pay off a fine associated with a citation for a moving violation you will have a conviction on your driving record.

You will be assigned 2 points on your license under Texas’ Driver Responsibility Program.

If you pay off a fine associated with citations for driving without insurance, driving while license invalid, or driving without a license, you’ll be assessed ‘Conviction Surcharges’ ranging from $100 to $250 per year, for three years.

If you have outstanding warrants and you’re arrested, you’ll have to post a bond in the full amount of your unpaid fines to get out of jail.

Here’s more about 2016’s roundup from the ACLU.